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Experimenting & Inventing

I developed a process of using baking paper to print onto clay. it came about because I couldn’t afford to buy expensive waterslide decal paper and risk ruining sheets of it.

The toner in a few brands of laser printer are high enough in iron oxide to survive being fired. you can add prints on green clay and on top of glazed work. traditional water slide is mainly used on top of glaze.

When a laser printer prints it bakes the micro powder onto the paper but when I use baking paper it sits on the surface and transfers beautifully even with tiny details.

I wasn’t sure how to transfer it to a glazed piece but after thinking for a bit I tried a light spray of adhesive that you use to stick paper together and the toner stuck to it perfectly.

this way I get to use relatively inexpensive baking paper which gives me the freedom to experiment without worrying about the cost. I’ve made a YouTube video tutorial in two parts (which is pretty amateurish) but it gets the job done.

ceramics is a vehicle for endless playing and experimenting. it’s like entering a rabbit hole of possibilities. it’s also so ancient and every civilisation has relied on pottery. it’s nice to be a part of that history.

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