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Granite/Boya Public Art commission

Albany Senior high school performing arts centre public art sculpture

Over the last year myself, my husband Richard Peterson and Jesse Wynne designed and constructed a sculpture called “Granite/Boya” for the new performing arts centre at Albany Senior High School.

It’s been a great experience and we appreciate being selected. Richard worked really hard on all the welding and Jesse designed all the stainless interior artwork.

I grew up driving past ASHS as a child. They used to have topiary animals out the front which i loved, and its really a privilege to have an artwork installed in my home town.

Boya is the exposed skeleton of a granite boulder form. This allows the user to move within and be a part of the land, rather than be adjacent to it. Once we accept our connection to the land it allows us to explore our connection to each other through our land. The inlaid artwork reflects “kaadadjin” (learn-knowledge)The importance of building community and always striving to learn/grow.

Artists: Jesse Wynne Richard Peterson Janelle Peterson

Cultural Advisor: Vernice Gillies

Architect: Roberts Gardiner Architects RGA

Photography: MSL Photography

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