Anchor: Medium Yellow Submarine sculpture

Anchor is a hand formed ceramic submarine. He is a very friendly and positive creature who is always happily busy with his work. He is an integral part of the Terribly Sad Exploration Armada as he is very small and can find even the most well hidden person in the pit of despair. He’s much heavier than he looks and is useful for stopping people washing away before they are rescued.the other submarines can’t always go where Anchor can.  Anchor is a mix of  yellow underglaze with copper glaze accents and red underglaze chequered pattern. He was thoughtfully made with textures and glazing to show his many dents and oxidising from his work in the ocean depths.


If you wish to collect Anchor rather than have him posted please contact me


Additional information

Weight .591 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 14 cm