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Bubble Glazing

Bubble Glaze

Janelle Petersons stoneware bottle detail. 

When I was making bottles from my shipwreck series I wanted to try bubble glazing. I wanted very small bubbles so it would look like tiny bits of seafoam or green algae growth. So this is what I came up with. 

Tools and Materials

• Small container

• Glaze

• Straw

• detergent 

. tray to glaze in 

• A piece to glaze

 Add detergent to the glaze (I use mason stain with a tiny dash of water) and slowly blow through a straw into the glaze container to make bubbles. I use very little water. And having lots of detergent with less water helps me make smaller bubbles. 

Brush or dip your base glaze first; if the glaze moves a lot your bubbles will move too.

Make your mix of glaze or stain and two parts detergent to one part water 

I stir and blow in the bubble mixture until I see lots of smaller clumps of bubbles, I blow until they will overflow the cup and land on the piece or I scoop them out on the straw and apply them to select areas. 

Wait until the bubbles have evaporated and the glaze is dry before you pick up the piece and be careful not to smudge the lines. If the dried bubbles leave behind thick crumbs of glaze, you might want to blot them. I like the crusty texture of too much glaze when I Do white bubbles like saltwater.

 If I feel like the bubbles might run I blot them with a tissue.  Experiment with glazes I’ve had some disappear into my base glaze. I find mason stain works well.

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