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Ceramic Mould Making – Homemade Silicon Putty

Ceramic Mould Making

Pouring silicone is expensive and I wanted something easy like an air-dry clay to make push moulds. However, I wanted flexibility in the mould. 

so I researched silicone putty. With pouring silicone you have to use a container and block up any holes so it doesn’t run everywhere, but with putty, it’s so much easier.

you’ll need :

  • 100% silicone Tube and silicone gun.
  • 500gram box of cornflour
  • a large bowl that you only use for the putty
  • plastic gloves
  • spray cooking oil
  • disposable stirrer
  • tile or glass
  • objects you want to cast

I use one tube of silicone to almost a whole box of cornflour. make sure to do this outside because the silicone smells.

put some cornflour in the bottom of the bowl then add the silicone.

add cornflour bit by bit while stirring until the silicone looks coated. Then put a little spray oil on your gloves and start kneading. 

I keep adding flour until it stops being sticky and starts to resemble soft fondant. 

I have a large tile with a shiny surface I then spray with oil and knead the putty until it’s not sticking and is nice and soft. add too much flour and it will be crumbling and too hard. so you have to experiment a little to find the best consistency.

have your objects ready and give them a light coat of oil and wipe it back. too much oil makes the putty move around. 

even though they are called push moulds it works better to place your object on the blob of putty and pull the putty up from the sides. forming it around the object. I do this to prevent distorting the finished shape.

I left Mine overnight to dry.

it’s a very forgiving process because the moulds are flexible so you can stretch it and wiggle out anything with a slight undercut.

I use my moulds for ceramic clay which wants to stick so I dust the moulds with cornflour using a soft brush before every use. 

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