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Janelle Peterson

I don’t usually share many pics of myself but I do love seeing other artists behind accounts I follow.

So I live in a small town in western Australia.

I’m 50

I’m purple belt in brazilian jiu jitsu

I have the best husband in the whole world.

I’ve always been interested in doing art for my entire life. I have many childhood memories of painting and making things. I’m really glad I was able to always have time to make art.

I used to do more textile /printmaking/stencilling type stuff. My friend Lauren and I used to make soft toy sculptures for a while. They were really cool. But I got into ceramics about 4 years ago and it took over.

I feel like I get to use all my experience in other mediums in the clay.

I listen to true crime podcasts while I make stuff. And I’ve listened to so Many. I have a few other artist friends who like crime podcasts while we work so we recommend them to each other.

I have no kids,(I have two staffies) but I help teach kids jiu jitsu and that’s plenty of kid time for me.

I’m kind of a hermit I go to jiu jitsu and see everyone there then I’m happy to be at home quietly listening to murder stuff while I create.

I’m a bit of a one track mind kinda person as far as interests go. So sometimes I have to think about jiu jitsu and art goes on the back burner and then I’ll switch and only think about art. I find it hard to do both at once. So I tend to have a burst of creativity then a break.

I also have a comic style insta that is jiu-jitsu people that are paper cut outs. Called shortchokes it’s a very niche subject because no one knows what brazilian jiu jitsu is and are even less likely to understand jokes about it. But it’s a fun little thing when I get time.

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