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Should Instagram Likes Dictate My Creative Path?

In the world of social media, the “like” button can be both a source of motivation and a potential trap. It’s easy to fall into the temptation of letting those little heart icons guide your creative choices, but is it really the right path to follow?

I like the quote from Arthur Schopenhauer, “The person who writes for fools, is always sure of a large audience”

Just because a lot of people like something doesn’t mean it’s good.

While likes are a form of feedback and appreciation, they should not be the sole compass of your creative journey. Here’s why:

  1. Authenticity Over Popularity: Your work should reflect your true self, your passions, and your creativity. Pursuing likes can sometimes lead you away from your genuine artistic vision. It’s ok to occupy a niche with your work. not everyone has to like it.
  2. Creativity Thrives in Freedom: True innovation often happens when you break away from the norm. Don’t be afraid to experiment, evolve, and surprise your audience. Growth and development is so important .
  3. Validation Beyond Likes: Your self-worth should never be determined by likes. Remember that the value of your work extends far beyond social media metrics. It’s about personal growth and fulfillment. You must enjoy what you do.
  4. Trends Fade, Passion Endures: What’s popular today might be forgotten tomorrow. Creating based on trends can be a short-lived pursuit. Stay true to what truly excites you.
  5. Engage, Don’t Just Please: Listen to your audience, engage with them, and seek their input. But remember, they appreciate your uniqueness and authenticity.

So, in the grand debate of Instagram likes versus authentic creativity, let’s strive for a balance. Let likes be a source of encouragement, not a dictator of your art. Your creative journey should be guided by your passion and vision. Developing your work and style is all the fun.


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