“Ah love, a dreadful bond”: Ceramic Sculpture

This sculpture is high fired ceramic finished in underglazes. I like to call her my possibly impossible teapot as her head/lid wobbles making her very uncooperative. Not to mention she probably only holds enough tea for one person so she’s unsociable as well, but a lot of my favourite people are. She’s a sculpture in the shape of a teapot so drink from her at your own peril.

She has trust issues and skulls in her hair so its better she has her tea alone.

Perched on her handle is a sulfur crested cockatoo. Her sail is cut from leather and the mast is hand beaten copper. The mast and sail are removable.

She is a one of a kind sculpture that has deliberate painterly brush strokes and a whimsical illustrative quality.


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Weight .900 kg
Dimensions 12 × 19 × 30 cm