Ticking Crocodile: Ceramic budgerigar (Peter Pan series)

Ticking Crocodile is a high fired ceramic sculpture finished in underglazes. This budgie appears to be wearing a crocodile suit with a large clock over his chest. The clock has a ring of 18k gold lustre. Is it a suit or is this how crocodiles look in budgie world. He has tinges of red on his teeth and sepia tones on his white belly skin. He’s looking for Captain Hook because he wants that other hand.

He has a welded steel base.

Ticking Crocodile is a one of a kind ceramic sculpture that has deliberate painterly brush strokes and a whimsical illustrative quality. All my pieces are hand made and imperfections are guaranteed.

Additional information

Weight .376 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 29 cm